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Hi! I'm Ivona (she/her), a fantasy illustration artist. @Lynaiss on Twitter, Ko-fi and Patreon. [CLICK FOR ART ONLY]

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Ah, nothing completes my day like running into an acquaintance and him telling me all kinds of very homophobic and transphobic opinions in casual conversation.

And here I thought he was okay.

I was standing there, a closeted wlw and NB adjecent person, and being all like 'YIKE'

So, about that hot (flying) pirate ship captain I dreamed about... It really was only a matter of time until I drew him.

And I remembered that, apparently, his name was Emile. I'm now even more mad that I woke up, this story seemed so juicy, I NEED more!

Woke up mad because I became too aware of a dream and snapped out of it. Brain, I want to know more about a hot ship/flying ship captain dammit!

I just finished listening to The Second Citadel on The Penumbra Podcast and now I want to draw a lizard guy that ends up as a love interest of two main characters. Because how can I not revel in the fact that these actors went with THAT.

But first I have so much work to do OTL

@pantarhei commented:

Alright I’ve been seeing ‘artststation’ posts all over my social media later - what’s artstation?? I ask knowing full well I could google so feel free to tell me to do that if you’d rather lol

It's an art website like DeviantArt, but is usually lauded as being aimed for pros.

I don't know exactly what the current fuss is about but they had a fair share of questionable actions over the years. From promoting overworking, launching art challenges that are nearly impossible to do within alloted time if you have a life, to constantly promoting very fetishy anime girls art (afaik that got sort of fixed but the place is still overflowing with over the top unrealistic anime tiddies).

It's very... Cishet male artist dominated so I rarely feel comfortable sharing my work on the platform.

Sometimes I go on ArtStation and just...

It should be called BroStation.

Some less extensive character concept art. My starting idea was 'futuristic club owner'.

I was doodling to try and get used to the character designs and features and... got too invested.

Will see about adding the simple character concept art for the right one tomorrow.

I’ve had this in my WIPs for forever X_X

We’ll see if I will actually get to working on the thing this is the concept for. Things are a bit tumultuous at the moment.

Probably will never finish this, so I suppose I should just drop it as is. Lately any personal illustration I start, I ditch in the end because I find the storytelling too flawed or vague.

Drawn for nbbrycefieland on Tumblr as part of a Sketch Request tier on my Patreon. Designing that outfit was so much fun :D

Gosh, just about everything I draw lately comes out with too saturated colors. It's like I can't properly see color of the thing and push it too far.

One of the prototypes I made for the idea I had, involving customizable 2D D&D maps.

I wanted to try out Clip Studio's animation feature.

Drawn for nbbrycefieland on Tumblr as part of a Sketch Request tier on my Patreon. It was so much fun doing reflective plumage!

More video stills studies. This time I was observing how multiple light sources cast light and shadow across faces.

Sources: left (x), right (x)

Did some small studies from video stills. For the left one I focused on light and shadow, and on the right one on skintone.

Sources: left (x), right (x)

Drawn for a friend. I was trying to find a good balance between lines and painting.


#I feel like you know I would die for you and your art #but I need to remind you #drop dead gorgeous

Asafghdsfad thank you so much ;A;
I really needed to hear this today <3

Not the most refined of my pieces, but I had to do something small just for myself. Things have been so busy lately X_X

Hnn I want to back the KS but I currently don't have a card