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Hello! I'm Ivona, a Croatian-based freelance illustrator. And I draw a lot of fancy fabric.

I mostly post my original art, such as various portraits, illustrations and character designs. I swing between retro sci-fi and high fantasy genres. SFW only!

(If smut is more of your thing, a blog might exist in the ether 👀)

Unique tags I use for all your filtering and blacklisting purposes.

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I felt that painting itch again, so here we are. These make me feel less stressed about making something 100% perfect and good for a portfolio, so I can experiment and learn in peace.

I wanted to paint something low-stakes, so here we are 3 hous later...

Someone asked me to draw Sten so here we are...

I also remembered to record my process so there's a timelapse video over here!

Finally finished this character piece for a friend! I can't believe this is the first real painting I did in *years*

I also made a timelapse video of the process!

Some landscape studies I found from way back. Hoping to do more in the future!

A WIP crop of a full body character design I'm doing for a friend.

I haven’t drawn anything in a month and I have no idea where I was going with this doodle 🤡

Prince Luciano, Paladin of Heironeous.

I can't believe I played through all of Baldur's Gate 3 early access in like 4 days. Pretty much 100%'d it too.

Don't ask how many hours I accumulated in these few days since it came out. I am so full of shame lmao

Made a horrendous painting from imagination attempt earlier, so I tried again. I still used quite a few references for the features and the expression. Also that dang collar.

I've been really dissatisfied with my paintings lately, and hate the process of painting, so I tried to do something different.

Reference image: [x] (it's the very last photo)

Was in a Dorian mood, so I made a random illustration and designed what I imagine a Magister outfit to be ✨

I finally got the time to finish this. Almost scrapped it entirely, but then had the most ridiculous idea of 'hey maybe this thing only needs more plants'. So here we are...

Horizon Zero Dawn consumed my life so I made a small study/sketch of Sun-King Avad.

I might have plans 👀

I've been feeling up for some light art mentoring so if someone wants some help with their art I'll gladly take a look! It's best to reach me on Discord since I'm regularly on there. My username is Lynaiss#2683

If you're feeling a bit shy, you can also join an art advice and critique server I made!

D&D piece for a private client. So glad I got to do this right after I was able to get back to drawing after all the thesis stuff, it was such a treat to do.

Made another animal study. Slowly finding a painting workflow that doesn't make me hate every second of it.

I started doing small animal studies to practice brushwork and lighting with a less stressful subject matter.

I was making some notes on light and as part of it painted over an Asaro head.

The 3D model source: [x]
I also referenced this one: [x]

After two months of doing nothing but my theses for a Master's degree I'm finally done and free