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Hello! I'm Ivona, a Croatian-based freelance illustrator. And I draw a lot of fancy fabric.

I mostly post my original art, such as various portraits, illustrations and character designs. I swing between retro sci-fi and high fantasy genres. SFW only!

(If smut is more of your thing, a blog might exist in the ether 👀)

Unique tags I use for all your filtering and blacklisting purposes.

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I've been feeling up for some light art mentoring so if someone wants some help with their art I'll gladly take a look! It's best to reach me on Discord since I'm regularly on there. My username is Lynaiss#2683

If you're feeling a bit shy, you can also join an art advice and critique server I made!

D&D piece for a private client. So glad I got to do this right after I was able to get back to drawing after all the thesis stuff, it was such a treat to do.

Made another animal study. Slowly finding a painting workflow that doesn't make me hate every second of it.

I started doing small animal studies to practice brushwork and lighting with a less stressful subject matter.

I was making some notes on light and as part of it painted over an Asaro head.

The 3D model source: [x]
I also referenced this one: [x]

After two months of doing nothing but my theses for a Master's degree I'm finally done and free

Drew this cool chubby tiefling for Jinkx on Patreon! Her design was such a delight to do!

Some loose concepts I’ve been working on for the hobby game dev team I’m in.

More item cards I've drawn for an eldritch horror RP forum.

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zylphide -

you ever make a piece of art and then realize a year on that it's Cringe and Awful and you immediately delete it from every single place you've posted it

I don’t rightly know where I was going with this… I just couldn’t sleep so I drew this.

Realized my skin tones were getting kinda murky so I practiced a bit by using the same features and trying to paint them with different skin tones, all the while referencing various photos for color shifts.

It's just ridiculous how much I struggle painting pale skin...

Some small item cards I've drawn for an eldritch horror RP forum.

So, I’ve been getting a lot of check scam emails lately (they are ALWAYS the same lmao) and drew this as a part of a very elaborate way to troll the scammers and waste their time.

So uh.... If someone wants these on a mug and stuff, you can get it here

Couldn't sleep, so I drew a quick character design. In retrospect the color scheme isn't quite as readable as I'd like.

A commissioned piece from my WIPs. It still needs shading and all the things that make stuff fancy.

As an extra, under the cut is how my flats look when I’m mapping out separate areas that I can easily select when applying shading. Colors are all garish so I don’t accidentally leave them unedited.

Watchmaster Bryce from Critical Role. Because I had a Saturday off and wanted to indulge in one of the million things I want to draw.

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my og design for this gal had her wearing high heels and when i came back to it i was like, No